Andrea Gustafson, LCSW, LMT
Eau Claire, WI

Andrea Gustafson

Andrea received her Masters Degree in social work from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in 1993. She also graduated from the Masters Massage Practitioner Program at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (Tempe, AZ) in 2005 specializing in Craniosacral Therapy. Her private practice is located at in Eau Claire, WI where she offers integrative psychotherapy/trauma therapy, Brainspotting and bodywork services.

Andrea’s passion is in helping clients rediscover their inner resources and strengths, and in time, move beyond suffering to thriving. Her counseling approach is experiential and holistically oriented while making use of newer, cutting edge modalities such as Brainspotting. She has learned in her work both personally and professionally that when addressing emotional and psychological challenges, engaging the intelligence and natural healing abilities of the body allows for more lasting and complete healing.

Wisconsin Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Wisconsin Licensed Massage Therapist
NCBTMB Board Certified Therapist
Certified Brainspotting Therapist

Level of Training
Brainspotting Phase 1
Brainspotting Phase 2
Brainspotting Phase 3
Brainspotting Phase 4
Brainspotting Phase Master Class
Certified Brainspotting Therapist
Certified Brainspotting Trainer
Brainspotting Advanced Trainings
Certified Brainspotting Consultant