Grant Program Policies and Procedures

  • Checking account will be set up for the Grant for Veterans and those who are Uninsured or under-insured.
  • MBI Member Therapist will gain consent from current or potential client to fill out application for a set number of sessions not to exceed 10.
  • MBI Member Therapist will send in application to MBI Grant committee via secure means (website or email).
  • MBI Grant committee will meet to review application and discuss approval or denial of application.
  • Approval of application will be based on objective criteria set by Grant committee as well as level of urgency and need.
  • Committee will inform Therapist within 30 days of application on status of application.
  • Funds will be distributed by Therapist sending a billing statement to MBI Grant committee, and a check will be issued for a fair and reasonable amount that the Grant has deemed will be the session reimbursement. This fee will be set at $60.00.
  • No Midwest Brainspotting Institute (MBI) Board member is eligible to apply for or receive grant monies.

Section 1.

Criteria for Monetary Grants to Support BSP Treatment with Underserved Populations

(a). Clinician/Provider Requirements
To be considered for a grant through MBI, clinicians providing BSP treatment must meet the following criteria:

  • Be fully licensed to practice psychotherapy in their state according to their individual discipline (e.g., psychology, medicine, social work, etc.)
  • Have physically attended and completed at least Phase 1 and Phase 2 BSP training (with dates attended)
  • Have acquired at least six months of BSP experience
  • Agree to seek supervision with a BSP consultant as needed
  • Agree to abide by the ethical codes of conduct as outlined by their profession and state/province of practice and Brainspotting organization.
  • Agree to use grants only for rendering BSP therapy directly to a patient/recipient
  • Be an MBI member

Section 2.

Patient/Recipient Requirements

a). To be considered for a grant through MBI, patients receiving BSP treatment can be

1.1. Reasonably assumed to benefit from BSP;

1.2. Suffer a diagnosable mental disorder as outlined by the ICD-10, DSM-5, or the PDM-2 and as diagnosed by the clinician, or are otherwise psychologically, emotionally, or cognitively vulnerable; and

1.3. Can independently understand informed consent and agree to treatment and must meet one (1) criteria from the following:

(b). Have an income equal to or less than 125% of the federal poverty level or are otherwise deemed economically vulnerable*:


Household Size 1 2 3 4
Annual Income Federal Poverty Guideline (FPG) $12,060 $16,240 $20,420 $24,600
125% FPG $15,075 $20,300 $25,525 $30,750
*See More Here Guidelines

(c). Have limited access to health care for one or more the following possible reasons:
Cannot afford premiums

Do not qualify for Medicaid/Medicare

Have exorbitantly high deductibles (e.g. greater than $2,500)

Do not have mental health coverage

Are a veteran of any war or a public servant exposed to trauma (e.g. police officer, paramedic, 911 operator or first responders.

Meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Standards