(2 Day) Brainspotting and Addiction training

(This is a fully online training to allow individuals from all over the world to attend. If you have any questions about the training then please contact Jeff at jeffr.accs@gmail.com

To support everyone’s learning from the online training we will have 2 FREE follow up consultation groups at 1 and 3 months following the training to help people integrate the skills.)

Brainspotting is an integrative method that can fit well with various clinical situations. Addiction is a neurophysiological phenomenom thus needs deeper interventions, such as Brainspotting, to help rewire the brain and bodies pathways. Over the past 10 years, Jeff Ryan has explored ways to apply Brainspotting with Addiction and other co-occurring struggles. In this 2 day training, he will use draw upon cutting edge research on addiction to help frame how both conceptualize Addictions, but equally to guide applying Brainspotting during the treatment of Addictions. Training will include Powerpoint presentation, demonstrations, and direct practice to help attendees gain useful information to improve their Brainspotting skills.

Completion of an in-person Phase One BSP training is the only prerequisite.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify the Neurophysiological roots of Addiction while learning to conceptualize Addition through the lens of Brainspotting
  • Discover internal resources to support BSP Addictions work
  • Demostrate Phase oriented BSP approaches to working with Addictions
  • Discover creative ways to apply Phase 1 and 2 Brainspotting skills in the treatment of Addictions

Course content level: Appropriate for Introductory and Intermediate level professionals

Audience: Psychologists, Social Workers, MFTs, and Counselors

Information to explore and prepare for the training:

(Dr. George Koob) The Relationship Between The Reward & Stress Systems & How They Are Perturbed in Addiction

Dr. Anna Lembke: Understanding & Treating Addiction


Mar 18 - 19 2022


9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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