From Freeze to Thaw: Unlocking Trauma in the Body with Brainspotting (Hybrid- Online and in Vienna, Austria)

Hybrid Training: Attend either In-Person in Vienna, Austria or Online via Zoom

Time: 9am-5pm MET (Middle European Time)

*Translation services available both in-person and online in German*

This is a three-day Specialty Training course consisting of lecture, demonstration, and practicum for Brainspotting practitioners who have completed a Phase One training in-person (or live, on-line training). This course will explain what happens in the body during Brainspotting on a tissue level, a cellular level and biochemical level.

This will be illustrated through:
1. Explanation of the anatomy and physiology of the fascial system, specific to the freeze response and to trauma held in the body
2. Exploration of the neurology of pain – within the brain and within the body
3. Analysis of current treatment approaches for several types of chronic pain syndromes and why adding Brainspotting will significantly increase their rate of success
4. Integration of the theory, practice, and techniques of addressing physical issues through Brainspotting, including the set-ups and deep explorations of Bodyspotting, Sweeps, Doublespotting and a new set up called Integration, through lecture, demo, and practicum
5. Introduction of Movement Integration (MI) through lecture, demonstration, and practice, to facilitate full-body integration of the brain and body changes – in every client- regardless of which Brainspotting setups you use in your practice


Jun 23 - 25 2022


All Day

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